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Supporting Women
to Thrive

Boost your confidence

Realise your potential

How I can help

'The mind that contains the problem also contains the solution - often the best one.' (Kline 1999)


We all have times when we feel stuck, or know what we want but don’t know where to start.

I create a comfortable environment where you can think, generate your own solutions and do the work that you want to do.

I will ask questions to help you to explore where you want to get to, making you feel more able to make changes.

My clients tell me they come out of sessions with more clarity about what they want to achieve, and enthusiasm to do it!

Personal Growth

Few women invest in themselves regularly, taking time to reflect on where they are, and understand what is stopping them from moving forwards. It is easy to neglect yourself when life is just so busy.

Often people experience a change in life that is unexpected, or feels overwhelming, and seek out a coach for support.

I can help you to become more self aware and resilient, enabling you to make positive change in your life.

Leadership & Career

Whether you are a new or experienced leader, everyone needs time to work on themselves. Whether it's building better relationships, managing teams more confidently or understanding who you are as a leader to move on in your career.

I can help you to become a more effective leader, working at your pace, on the aspects most important to you.

Image by Miguel Bruna


* One off session

* 90 minutes

* Boost your thinking

Image by Samuel Clara


* 3 sessions

* Commit to a goal & achieve

Image by Jeremy Bishop


* 6 sessions

* Explore, commit & achieve for long term change

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