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Middleton Lakes, near Tamworth

'In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks'

John Muir

Coaching in the Open Air

The Tamworth area is full of beautiful places to walk, whether you are attracted to woods, open countryside or canal towpaths.

I have coached many clients in the open air, and am still amazed by how the outdoors environment helps clients to think!

There is growing evidence that the outdoors can improve our wellbeing and health, and there is a increasing interest in how using the outdoors in a coaching space can help clients.


A Stanford study in 2014 found that a twenty minute walk, increases your creative output by an average of 60%.


The choice of location is important, to ensure it helps with your thinking. Some people feel happier in an open space where they can wander, others may feel woods, or a canal towpath are more for them.


You will set the pace and the direction, and I will encourage you to use the environment around you. We may pause and soak in the surroundings, or utilise a space during a coaching exercise (trees are great during vision setting!).


Coaching outdoors is not restricted to the countryside, it works just as well in cities, and is a great escape from the four walls of your office to work on yourself!

Tamworth Castle
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