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Coaching through the menopause

I am getting to that age where the menopause is creeping up on me. I am watching female friends, colleagues and family members coping with this change in different ways, and wondering what my experience will be.

Part of me is dreading it, some of me wants to embrace it with open arms, as I reach a new era in my life.

I attended a recent webinar hosted by Laughology, raising awareness of the menopause (I would highly recommend!), and was shocked by some of the data they shared. 72% of women feel unsupported, 10% seriously consider giving up work, with the common complaint of feeling like they are going mad.

Peri-menopause symptoms (the symptoms experienced before your periods actually stop) can start from the age of 45, meaning that over half of working women may be experiencing a long list of symptoms such as hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, brain fog, and memory problems.

Over the last few months I have had a number of coaching conversations relating to the menopause, and have helped women as they navigate this change.

It has made me consider what coaching can offer women as they reach this period (no pun intended!) of their lives, so here goes…

What you will get from me:

* a safe space to be heard. I will listen well, enabling you to think without interruption. This can feel liberating as you are able to work through where you are, with some good coaching questions along the way to help you with your thinking!

* help to understand where you are now and what you are feeling. What is important to you, and where do you want to be? What will help you to get there?

* support in developing a plan to achieve agreed goals, to focus in on what you can control and influence, to help you reach your goals.

* some challenge. Change can be difficult, a good coach will help you to see things differently, so that you can move on.

* an appreciation of what drives you, and how you can become more aligned to your values. We often forget who we really are as busy lives take over, and we do less for ourselves.

* signposting to other professions where appropriate. GP’s, counsellors and dieticians to name a few, may be able to help with specific issues, to support you on your journey.

Reach out if you want some more information on how I can help you through this time.



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