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Coaching with the infinity stones in mind

For those non-Marvel fans, lets catch you up.

The infinity stones each control an essential part of existence, and appear in several Marvel films (the Avengers End Game in particular). They are initially scattered across the universe but when brought together are extremely powerful..... I won’t spoil the films, worth a watch!

They represent Space, Time, Reality, Power, Mind, and Soul.

I hear you asking, ‘Jen, what has this got to do with coaching’?!

Well, quite a lot in actual fact.

On a cold October morning I was sat with a huge mug of hot Ribena (yes I did say hot, try it, you’ll thank me!) watching the steam rise whilst trying to re-focus my efforts on finalising a coaching essay (no I have not finished it, yes I will do it soon!). I zoned into the mug I was holding (a giant Avengers End Game mug displaying the infinity stones) and I suddenly realised the relevance of these stones to real life.

How often do I hear clients talk about feeling that ‘something is missing’ or they ‘feel lost’ or they realise during coaching that they are ‘not aligned to what really drives them’? A lot! I have definitely experienced this myself. It is almost like our own personal infinity stones are scattered across the universe and coaching helps us to find, and realign them to each other.

The importance of each stone in reality

Space - we often feel we lack this; creating space to work on yourself opens up different paths to achieve your goals. Coaching can sometimes feel like a different part of the universe; one where we are productive, positive and come up with great ideas!

Time - when feeling disconnected or lost, we spend time worrying about the future or overthinking the past. The only place to really live and enjoy life is in the present. Permanently re-winding or fast forwarding time is no good for us. Experiencing and feeling the vision you create for your desired future is powerful, but then come back to the present and make changes to start moving forwards.

Reality - understanding where you are now is often where coaches start with a new client. Taking stock of where you are and what is missing helps you to reflect later on how far you have come, and how different you feel as change happens.

Power - this is the energy created during coaching sessions, positivity, excitement and hope; that you will feel aligned and live the life you want.

Mind - so maybe not quite like the film, coaching won’t help you to control others minds (sorry to disappoint!); however understanding that you are not your thoughts, and that you can gradually change how you think about things and gain a different perspective is empowering.

Soul - again, not exactly like the film; there will be no capturing of others souls, but actually understanding who you are, what drives you, and connecting spiritually; is the final connection. For some, this is really clear from the outset and comes through strongly, guiding the search for the other stones. For others they spend time working on their purpose. It is OK to still not know exactly what this is, enjoy the enlightenment as it happens, and the journey you embark on.

We are powerful human beings when our infinity stones are aligned and can achieve anything we set our minds to. We sometimes need just a little coaching to realise it.

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