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How coaching can help with Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel inadequate, or a fraud? Does this impact on your confidence at work, despite others telling you that you are doing fine? We can all feel like this every now and again, these feelings are common. However if these feelings become crippling, significantly impacting on your self confidence and motivation, this is called Imposter Syndrome.

A little self doubt every now and then can make you work a little harder, and recognise what you need to improve on, but when it is excessive, it can turn into fear, and prevent you from making decisions, and solving problems. Worry takes over, and fear that you will be 'found out' starts to set in. This is despite you having evidence of your achievements and accomplishments.

Imposter Syndrome is often associated with getting promoted into a more senior position, in a high pressure role. One study suggested that 70% of people will experience this at some point in their lives, therefore it is not just about promotion. Sufferers are often workaholics who don't switch off, and won't ask for help, working more than others as they feel they are not good enough.

As a coach, I can help you to turn down the volume of your inner critic, and increase your ability to recognise your achievements, bringing back some balance to your thinking, and increase your confidence. I would be listening out for thoughts and beliefs that were feeding your self doubt and fear, helping you to recognise when they creep in and how to replace them with more balanced thinking. I would encourage you to record your positive achievements, using them to increase your confidence in your own abilities, as well as seeking feedback from peers. How does their view of you differ from your own?

One of my favourite Buddha quotes is 'The mind is everything, what you think, you become'. This is so relevant here, and one I often refer to as the more you think you are inadequate, the more you reinforce it, and the more you make it true.

Coaching can support you to overcome Imposter Syndrome. Don't worry in silence, reach out for support from a coach.



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