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How to choose the right coach for you

Coaching is not regulated in the UK, which means that anyone can call themselves a coach, and with so many coaches to choose from how do you decide who to work with?

The following tips will help you with your choice.

Most coaches will have an online presence, so have a good look at what they offer, their experience and approach, and what their previous clients say about them. It is important to get a feel for whether this is someone you could work with. Do you get a sense you would be at ease around this person? There maybe times during a coaching session that you want to open up to get to the crux of the matter, and you want to be comfortable doing this. Building trust and a strong coaching relationship is key.

Most coaches offer a free introductory session to find out about you and what you are bringing to coaching, so use this time to ask questions about how sessions will run, and anything else that will help you to make a decision. Talking to a prospective coach will give you a good idea of what they are like and how it will be working with them.

Check out their credentials and qualifications, looking out for coaches that are accredited with coaching associations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or Association for Coaching (AC). This way you know what training they have undergone to obtain the credentials, and what you are getting for your money.

Before you decide, make sure that you are ready to commit to making the changes you want. The best coach in the world will not be able to help you grow and change if you are not ready.



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