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What is coaching?

I get asked this question lots when I introduce myself as a coach, followed closely by 'so what do you actually do'?

Good question! Understanding what coaching is, is the first step to knowing whether this is for you. So here goes:

Coaching is an alliance, with coach and client working together. I don't impart knowledge, I'm not a counsellor, trainer or consultant. I support a client at every level to build self awareness and unlock potential, helping them to achieve their goals.

So what does being coached feel like? This will differ for everyone, it might feel like a great conversation, where you are not judged for who you are, or what you think/feel, where we explore your beliefs, values and goals using a mix of reflection, challenge and support in a safe and confidential environment. Some people experience great moments of clarity during sessions, others do the work in between sessions as they work on themselves.

Coaching can feel quite hard, and quite challenging, you do the work to find the best solution for you, supported by me! Being ready to change is key to getting the best out of a coach, and yes, you might get homework! Working on yourself takes commitment, but the rewards are potentially life changing. Aiming for that dream job, new outlook on life, better work/life balance, transition to a new more rewarding career won't happen without dedication, and what better than having a coach firmly in your corner supporting this journey!

I ( a coach!) have a coach, who I meet with when I need a supportive and productive environment to work through an issue or when I know the biggest blocker to moving forwards is me!

If this sounds like something you would benefit from then drop me a message!



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